Black holes with scalar hair and astrophysical implications

Daniela Doneva ( Eberhard-Karls-Universitat Tuebingen)

Even though the Kerr black hole fits very well in the
interpretation of various astrophysical observations, there is a
number of yet untested modifications of general relativity that can
endow it with hair. The rapid advance of observational astrophysics
gives us the unique opportunity to test the existence of beyond-Kerr
black holes and eventually to constraint the strong-field regime of
gravity. A particular widely studied case is a Kerr-like black hole
endowed with scalar hair that can form for example in the presence of
time-varying complex scalar field or in the more general context of
tensor-multi-scalar theories. We will discuss these solutions and
their astrophysical manifestations. We will put a special emphasis on
the accretion discs around such objects that can have fundamentally
different properties compared to pure GR.

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