Theoretical physics and astrophysics

The group led by Armen Sedrakian carries out research in theoretical physics and astrophysics which, in part, concentrates on the physics of compact stars on different scales. Current group members are Dr. Jia-Jie Li,  PhD student Arus Harutyunyan, and Ms Student Marcel Lauf.

Our work includes studies of:

  • Microphysics of dense matter, including the equation of state of dense nuclear [1], hypernuclear [2], and quark matter  [3]
  • Neutrino and axion interactions in neutron stars and supernovae [1] [2] [3],
  • Physics in strong magnetic fields [1] [2] [3],
  • Physics of superfluidity and superconductivity of nucleonic [1] [2] and quark matter [3] [4] in compact stars,
  • Structure and dynamics of quantum vorticity [1] [2],
  • Macroscopic physics of compact stars including their cooling [1] [2], structure [3] [4] and rotational dynamics [5].

We also carry out cross-disciplinary work on QCD and on ultra-cold atomic systems, which provide an experimental testbed for the quantum systems of interest, see [1] [2].