The group comprises students (Master and PhD Theses), postdocs and faculty. Below is a tabular list, where the telephone numbers are the extensions of the general root +49 069 798 xxxxx. For the individual group members please click on the names of the group leaders given below.

Faculty at ITP

Title Name Room Telephone Address
Prof. Luciano Rezzolla 2.143 47871 rezzolla[at]
Prof. Laura Sagunski 2.232 47888 sagunski[at]
Prof. Jürgen Schaffner-Bielich 2.137 47866 schaffner[at]

External Faculty

Title Name Room Telephone Address
Prof. Thomas Boller 2.228 47848 bol[at]
Prof. Bruno Deiss 2.228 47838 deiss[at]

Faculty at FIAS

Name Room Telephone Address
Prof. Igor Mishustin 1|127 47504 mishustin[at]
Prof. Piero Nicolini 2|301 47504 mishustin[at]
Prof. Armen Sedrakian 2|301 47504 sedrakian[at]