coffeeThe AstroCoffee is a meeting of people from several groups belonging to the Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITP) at Goethe University and the Frankfurt Institute of Advanced Studies (FIAS). The areas of research include compact stars and physics of dense matter, astroparticle physics, quantum gravity and cosmology. The seminars are usually held in room 0.101 at FIAS, but sometimes the seminars are also held at ITP. Not surprisingly, coffee is served before the seminar.


Date Time Name Title Room Slides
19.12.17 14:00 David Blaschke TBD 0.101 FIAS slides
12.12.17 14:00 Xavier Calmet Three Waves for Quantum Gravity 0.101 FIAS slides
30.10.17 15:00 Lukas Weih Stability of differentially rotating neutron stars GSC 0|07+0|08 slides
26.09.17 14:00 Daniel Fernández Entanglement entropy at non-equilibrium in holography 0.101 FIAS slides
05.09.17 14:00 Christian Lenz How to Build the Building Blocks of Planets 0.101 FIAS slides
24.08.17 14:00 Natascha Wechselberger Critical behaviour in the head-on collision of rotating relativistic neutron stars 0.101 FIAS slides
15.08.17 14:00 Zekiye Simay Yilmaz and Christina Mitropoulos "From Neutronstars to Hybridstars" and "Quarkstars and Chiral Phase Transition" 0.101 FIAS slides
18.07.17 14:00 Sadegh Khochfar The Cosmic Habitat of Black Holes 0.101 FIAS slides
11.07.17 14:00 Arne Grenzebach The Shadow of Black Holes – An Analytic Description 0.101 FIAS slides
20.06.17 14:00 Massimo Mannarelli Bose Einstein condensation of pions 0.101 FIAS slides
06.06.17 14:00 Alfio Borzì An introduction to quantum optimal control; shape optimization; optical flow and digital inpainting 0.101 FIAS slides
30.05.17 14:00 Alessandro Drago Two Families of Compact Stars? 0.101 FIAS slides
23.05.17 14:00 Antonia Frassino Black Holes and Their Memory 0|08 GSC slides
09.05.17 14:00 Alejandro Osorio Relativistic Fluid Accretion Around a Black Hole 0.101 FIAS slides
02.05.17 14:00 Achamveedu Gopakumar Gigantic black hole binary in quasar OJ287 and its predicted General Relativity centenary flare 0.101 FIAS slides
25.04.17 14:00 Christian Fromm Modelling the twin jet system in NGC1052 0.101 FIAS slides
18.04.17 14:00 Jérôme Pétri General-Relativistic Neutron Star Magnetospheres 0.101 FIAS slides
06.04.17 10:00 Roland Haas Update on numerical relativity activity at UIUC and NCSA 0.101 FIAS slides
14.03.17 14:00 Andrea Maselli Signals from the horizon: General Relativity and the strong field gravity regime 0.101 FIAS slides
07.03.17 14:00 Constantinos Constantinou Hot and Dense Matter in Supernovae and Binary Mergers 2.114 ITP slides
14.02.17 14:00 Michael Dumbser High order ADER schemes for a unified first order hyperbolic formulation of Newtonian continuum mechanics coupled with electro-dynamics 0.101 FIAS slides
07.02.17 14:00 Shun Furasawa Self consistent calculation of nuclear composition in hot and dense stellar matter 0.101 FIAS slides
24.01.17 14:00 Bart Ripperda Particle acceleration in explosive reconnection 0.101 FIAS slides
17.01.17 14:00 Andreas Zacchi Compact Stars within a SU(3) Quark Meson model 0.101 FIAS slides
20.12.16 14:00 Jonas Lippuner The origin of heavy elements: r-process nucleosynthesis in neutron star mergers 0.101 FIAS slides
13.12.16 14:00 Elias Most Gravitational Collapse of Rotating Magnetised Neutron Stars to Black Holes 0.101 FIAS slides
06.12.16 14:00 Antonios Nathanail Looking at the Black Hole That Powers Long Gamma Ray Bursts 0.101 FIAS slides
30.11.16 14:00 Marko Toroš Quantum Mechanics beyond Galileo 0.101 FIAS slides
18.11.16 11:00 Xavier Calmet Effective Quantum Gravity: Applications to Cosmology Gravitational Waves and Black Holes 0.101 FIAS slides
15.11.16 14:00 Gerhard Schäfer The events GW150914 and GW151226: Gravitational waves from coalescing black-hole binaries 0.101 FIAS slides
20.10.16 17:00 Elisabete M. de Gouveia Dal Pino Magnetic reconnection and Particle Acceleration around Black Holes and Relativistic Jets 2.114 ITP slides
23.09.16 11:00 Olek Sadowski Theory and simulations of super-critical black hole accretion flows 2.116 ITP slides
21.09.16 15:00 Kenji Toma Current driving mechanism and role of the negative energies in the Blandford-Znajek process 2.116 ITP slides
19.07.16 14:00 Marcelo Disconzi Viscosity in General Relativity 0.101 FIAS slides
05.07.16 14:00 Sabine Hossenfelder Quantum Gravity Phenomenology 0.101 FIAS slides
28.06.16 14:00 Konstantinos Dialektopoulos Cosmic Structures in Brans-Dicke-like theories 0.101 FIAS slides
14.06.16 14:00 Tanja Hinderer Effect of neutron star dynamic tides on gravitational waveforms within the Effective-One-Body Approach 0.101 FIAS slides
07.06.16 14:00 Oliver Porth 3D modelling of pulsar wind nebulae 0.101 FIAS slides
31.05.16 14:00 Antonino Marciano On the semi-classicality of cosmological perturbations and the non-Bunch-Davies vacua 0.101 FIAS slides
24.05.16 14:00 Andreas Zacchi Stable hybrid stars within a SU(3) Quark-Meson-Model 0.101 FIAS slides
17.05.16 14:00 Naresh Dadhich Indian contributions to GR: a centenary review 0.101 FIAS slides
10.05.16 14:00 Shun Furusawa Hydrodynamical study on the conversion of hadronic matter to quark matter 0.101 FIAS slides
19.04.16 14:00 Marcio de Avellar Phase lags of quasi-periodic oscillations across source states in the low-mass X-ray binary 4U 1636-53 0.101 FIAS slides
22.03.16 14:00 David Kling Pinhole Camera Visualisations of Accretion Disks around Kerr Black Holes 0.101 FIAS slides
08.03.16 14:00 Eugenio Bianchi Entanglement in the sky 0.101 FIAS slides
16.02.16 14:00 Matthew Liska GRMHD simulations of AGN jets using a new code HARM-GPU 0.101 FIAS slides
09.02.16 14:00 Matthias Bartelmann A microscopic approach to cosmic structure formation 0.100 FIAS slides
19.01.16 14:00 Bruno Franzon Magnetic field effects on compact stars 0.101 FIAS slides
15.12.15 14:00 Matthias Kaminski Anomalous hydrodynamics kicks neutron stars 0.101 FIAS slides
04.12.15 11:15 Masanori Nakamura Jet Break in M87: Fundamental Property in AGN Jets 0.101 FIAS slides
04.12.15 10:00 Keiichi Asada GMVA and SMA Observations towards M87 and Status Report of the GLT Project 0.101 FIAS slides
25.11.14 11:15 Stefano Ascenzi The disk-magnetosphere interaction close to the neutron star's surface 1.114 ITP slides
24.11.15 14:00 Matthias Hempel New aspects of the QCD phase transition in proto-neutron stars and core-collapse supernovae 0.101 FIAS slides
17.11.15 14:00 Bobomurat Ahmedov Plasma Magnetosphere of Oscillating and Rotating Neutron Stars in General Relativity 1.114 ITP slides
13.11.15 14:00 Stefan Hofmann Black Holes in the 1/N Expansion 0.200 FIAS
10.11.15 14:00 Mariafelicia De Laurentis General Relativity and Beyond 0.101 FIAS slides
27.10.15 14:00 Fabian Hofmann Modelling the final spin from black hole mergers 0.101 FIAS slides
29.09.14 15:00 Nigel Bishop Observations on past null cones numerical relativity and cosmology 0.101 FIAS slides
22.09.15 14:00 Lukas Weih Compact Stars with a Cosmological Constant 0.101 FIAS slides
21.07.15 14:00 Chandra Singh Spatial growth of the current-driven instability in rotating relativistic jets and the role of magnetic reconnection 2.114 ITP slides
25.06.15 11:30 Naresh Dadhich On universalisation of a gravitational property for the equation in higher dimensions 0.100 FIAS
23.06.15 14:00 Debades Bandyopadhyay Black hole formation in failed core collapse supernova simulations with hyperon equations of state 0.101 FIAS slides
16.06.15 14:00 Paul Romatschke Simulations of Black Hole Collisions and Relations to QCD Physics 0.101 FIAS slides
09.06.15 14:00 Athina Meli Extragalactic sources and ultra-high energy cosmic rays 0.101 FIAS slides
02.06.15 14:00 Ken-Ichi Nishikawa Global simulations of relativistic jets with shocks and shear-flow 0.101 FIAS slides
12.05.15 14:00 David Blaschke New class of hybrid EoS for applications in compact star astrophysics 0.101 FIAS slides
16.04.15 14:00 Hung-Yi Pu Black hole powered GRMHD jet and jet synchrotron image on horizon scale 0.101 FIAS slides
15.04.15 16:00 Vassilios Mewes Numerical relativity simulations of thick accretion disks around tilted Kerr black holes 0.101 FIAS slides
14.04.15 14:00 Jens Papenfort Cosmology on Simplicial Complexes 0.101 FIAS slides
31.03.15 14:00 Francesco Torsello Influence of neutron star's equation of state on its deformability 0.101 FIAS slides
24.03.15 14:00 Chatterjee Debarati Consistent models for the structure of strongly magnetized neutron stars 0.101 FIAS slides
03.03.15 14:00 Cosima Breu Universal Relations for the Moment of Inertia in Relativistic Stars 0.101 FIAS slides
10.02.15 14:00 Christian Fromm Recollimation shocks in parsec-scale jets: observations and numerical simulations 0.101 FIAS slides
03.02.15 13:00 Fabian Müller An Exact Approach to Head-On Collisions of Black Holes 2.114 ITP slides
27.01.15 14:00 Sven Köppel Quantum gravity improved black holes 0.101 FIAS slides
15.01.15 13:00 Haris Markakis Irrotational Hydrodynamics and Binary Neutron Star Inspiral 0.100 FIAS slides
13.01.15 14:00 Enping Zhou Two types of glitches in a solid quark star 0.101 FIAS slides
16.12.14. 14:00 Roman Gold Accreting SMBH binaries: GRMHD simulations of the Gravitational Wave-driven regime 0.101 FIAS slides
09.12.14. 14:00 David Radice Neutrino-driven turbulent convection in stalled supernova cores 0.101 FIAS slides
25.11.14 13:00 Arne Grenzebach The Shadow of Black Holes 2.114 ITP slides
18.11.14 14:00 Denitsa Staicova Compact static stars in Minimal Dilatonic Gravity 0.101 FIAS slides
14.11.14 11:00 Bruno Giacomazzo Investigating the Progenitors of Short Gamma-Ray Bursts via General Relativistic Simulations of Neutron Star Mergers Faculty Club FIAS slides
11.11.14 14:00 Thiem Hoang Galactic foreground emission and polarization 0.101 FIAS slides
04.11.14 13:00 Ziri Younsi General Relativistic Radiative Transfer 2.114 ITP slides
28.10.14 13:00 Tim Dietrich Binary neutron star mergers: realistic spins and quasiuniversal relations 2.114 ITP slides
30.09.14 14:00 Hannes Rüter Accurate initial data for numerical multiple-black-hole evulation 2.114 ITP
22.07.14 14:00 Stephanie J. Erickson Methods for simulating starquakes in neutron stars 2.114 ITP slides
16.07.14 10:00 Mark Alford Hybrid Stars: how will we identify them? 1.310 IKF slides
08.07.14  16:15 Irina Sagert Towards a kinetic approach for astrophysical simulations 0.101 FIAS slides
01.07.14  16:15 Jarah Evslin Satellite Galaxy Phase Space Correlations 0.101 FIAS slides
03.06.14  16:15 Antonios Tsokaros From the initial value problem in general relativity to binary neutron star initial data 0.101 FIAS slides
27.05.14 16:15 Alessandro Brillante Radial oscillations of compact stars and collapse to black holes Faculty Club FIAS slides
13.05.14 16:15 Federico Guercilena Strong-Field Scattering of Two Black Holes: Numerics Versus Analytics 0.101 FIAS slides
06.05.14 16:15 Pedro Montero An approach to numerical relativity in spherical polar coordinates Faculty Lounge FIAS
30.04.14 10.00 Cristoph Kommer How to use field theoretical methods in the context of cosmological nonlinear structure formation 1.310 IKF
29.04.14 16:15 Giuseppe Colucci/Armen Sedrakian Constraining hypernuclear density functional with Λ-hypernuclei and compact star 0.101 FIAS
12.03.14 11:30 Luke Bovard Short-wave vortex instabilities in stratified flow 2.120 ITP slides
04.03.14 14:00 Alexander Zhidenko Journal Club: "Turbulent Black holes" 2.114 ITP
25.02.15 14.00 Sanjin Benić Heavy hybrid stars from multiquark interactions 0.101 FIAS slides
11.02.14 12:00 Frédéric Vincent Black hole variability: from Galactic Center flares to microquasars oscillations 2.124 ITP slides
28.01.14 14:00 Miguel Quartin Measuring matter perturbations with weak lensing of supernovae 0.101 FIAS slides