Large-EDDY-simulations in binary neutron star  mergers

by Carlos Palenzuela.  Meeting ID: 886 0167 6852   Password: 680019

One of the most important open issues in the theoretical understanding of binary neutron star collisions is the amplification of magnetic fields after the merger. This happens first in a turbulent way at small scales via  Kelvin-Helmholtz instability, followed by a large-scale ordering via winding and magneto-rotational instability. However, the highest numerical resolution achieved in full GRMHD simulations O(10m) are extremely expensive (tens of millions of CPU hours) and are still far from capturing all the scales at play, possibly of a meter or less. Here we present how large-eddy-simulations with the gradient sub-grid-scale model can reproduce the magnetic amplification up to local values of 10^17 G during the first 10 milliseconds after the merger, but at a much lower computational cost. This results anticipates a more accurate simulations in the near future with reachable current resources.