Official information on my teaching activities (Veranstaltungen) in Frankfurt can be found at this page (Hochschulportal)

In the past, i.e. when I was a professor at SISSA, I have taught a number of courses: Introduction to General Relativity, The Physics of Compact Objects, Numerical Methods, etc. Now in Frankfurt, I’ve given courses in

Over the years I’ve also been extremely lucky to supervise a number of students, many of them having turned out into better scientists than their supervisor. Below is a list.

Present PhD Students (alphabetical order):

  • Michail Chabanov (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Jonas Köhler (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Elias Most (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Markus Meyer (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Jens Papenfort (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Lukas Weih (Frankfurt, Germany)
  • Zhenyu Zhu (co-supervision; Frankfurt, Germany)

Previous PhD Students (alphabetical order)