I am the Editor of hyperspace@gu, a blog that aims at increasing the exchange of information and foster the interaction among scientists working in general relativity and gravitation. hyperspace provides the opportunity to post announcements about conferences, job opportunities, and general news. All of this information can be easily accessed on the site and is collected in the form of a bulletin which is sent to the hyperspace mailing list at the beginning of each month. The information in the bulletin is also stored in calendars and RSS feeds which can be browsed on the site but also imported for private use. Announcements can be posted with simple online forms.

Click on the image below to go to hyperspace!

Screen Shot 2014-09-25 at 08.09.36

2 thoughts on “Hyperspace@GU

  1. subhadeep says:

    Hey! I am trying to find the link to the RSS feed, but can’t find. Can you please put the link where it is easy to find? Thanks.


    Good opportunity to discuss and learn about my dream which is astrophysics. I want to be inscribed dear editor.

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