GMVA and SMA Observations towards M87 and Status Report of the GLT Project

We will report results of GMVA and SMA observations of M 87 and progress of the Greenland Telescope Project. In order to investigate the innermost region of the M 87, we conducted GMVA observation in 2014. We revealed double ridge structure as is observed by VLBI at low frequency observations. The measured streamline is reasonably agreed with the previous observations at low frequency. We will discuss the origin of the jet based on this new derived streamline. In addition to that, we will show our SMA observations towards M 87 to probe the nature of the mass accretion process through the Faraday Rotation Measure. As the results, we derived constraints on its mass accretion rate less than 10^-4 R_sun yr-1.  It is in good agreement with the prediction by radiative inefficient accretion flow model. As the last part of my talk, I will give a status report on the progress of the GLT project.