Reviews on the book (from cover):

“Relativistic hydrodynamics is an essential tool for astrophysicists and cosmologists in their quest to understand the universe. For many years, they have needed a modern text that introduces the subject pedagogically, and carries the reader to the level of maturity required for modern research. This book, at last, fills this need, and it does so superbly. It is likely to be the definitive book on the subject for many years to come.” – Kip S. Thorne, California Institute of Technology

“The book is an excellent introduction to the topic of relativistic hydrodynamics, covering all aspects from kinetic theory to modern numerical applications in evolving spacetimes. Two leading experts in this field have provided the physical and astrophysical community with this rigorous, comprehensive, and up-to-date treatise, which I am sure will soon become a classic textbook for many advanced courses on high-energy physics and astrophysics.” – Luca Del Zanna, Department of Physics and Astronomy, University of Florence

“For the unique content, I recommend this book unreservedly, to anyone who is interested or wants to learn more about thi fascinating topic.” – John M. Stewart, Contemporary Physics

“This impressive work will doubtlessly be of great use for many people working in relativistic hydrodynamics, be it students or more experienced researchers.” – Ewald Mueller, Max Planck Institute for Astrophysics

“This book provides, with an impressive breadth and depth, a clear view of the mathematics, numerical methods, and applications of general relativistic hydrodynamics, featuring advanced topics on reaction fronts and non-ideal fluids as well as a comprehensive review of high-resolution shock-capturing methods. It is destined to become a necessity for anyone teaching, studying, or working in this field.” – Pablo Laguna, Center for Relativistic Astrophysics, Georgia Institute of Technology

“This book covers a long missing gap in the scientific literature. It provides a didactic, coherent description of Relativistic Hydrodynamics, a subject that falls between relativity and hydrodynamics, and as such missed by textbooks in either field. A good grasp of relativistic hydrodynamics is essential for students and researchers working in relativistic astrophysics, one of the most flourishing branches of astrophysics today. In addition to providing a clear and broad exposition of the theoretical foundation, the book covers extensively numerical methods as well as applications to a variety of astronomical phenomena ranging from relativistic jets to neutron star binaries.” – Tsvi Piran, Racah Institute of Physics