Main topics of research: Theoretical Nuclear Astrophysics, Cosmology and Heavy-Ion Physics

I worked on a number of different research topics, in particular on compact stars (neutron stars, quark stars), (hyper)nuclear structure, hadrons in the medium, chiral effective models

  • hypernuclei and strange hadronic matter
  • strange quark matter and strangelets
  • equation of state for neutron stars including hyperons
  • kaon condensation in neutron stars
  • neutron star constraints for the H dibaryon
  • in-medium properties of kaons and subthreshold kaon production
  • effective SU(3) chiral models for nuclear structure
  • Disoriented chiral condensates in SU(3) and the chiral phase transition
  • quark stars
  • scaling properties in relativistic heavy-ion collisions
  • dibaryons with strangeness

more recently, the research topics turned to the following ones

  • Fermion stars, Boson stars
  • QCD Phase Transition and Supernovae
  • QCD Phase Transition and Cosmology
  • Interacting Dark Matter
  • Equation of state for neutron stars and constraints from heavy-ion physics
  • Equation of state for supernova and neutron star merger simulations

The latest research in my group focuses on aspects of QCD for compact stars and the early universe.
Please have a look at the research pages.

A list of publications can be found at INSPIRE.