Constraining hypernuclear density functional with Λ-hypernuclei and compact star

We discuss to which extent the modifications of the hyperon–scalar-meson coupling constants affect the equation of state (EoS) hypernuclear matter. The study is carried out within a relativistic density functional theory. The nucleonic matter is described in terms of a density-dependent parametrization of nucleon-meson couplings, whereas the hyperon–meson couplings are deduced from the octet model. We identify the parameter space of hyperon-meson couplings for which massive stellar configurations with M < 2.25 M(Solar) exist. We also discuss the EoS at finite temperatures with and without of a trapped neutrino component and show that neutrinos stiffen the EoS and change qualitatively the composition of stellar matter.

The talk presented the material published in this paper.